Social Responsibility Policy


As specified in the Company’s Articles of Incorporation, the donations can be granted within the procedures and principles determined by Capital Market Board and within social responsibility principles. Obtaining the approval of the Executive Board, the Company can donate in foundations, associations, educational institutions and similar persons and institutions within the procedure determined by Capital Market Board. The donations and aids that might cause deviation from the principle of protecting the rights of the shareholders should be avoided. All the donations and aids within the knowledge of the executives are granted considering ethical principles and values as well as annual budget payments of the company in accordance with the vision, mission and policies of the company. The donations and aids can be granted financially or in real sense. The choice of the donation type, amount, the receiving institution or NGO is done in accordance with the corporate social responsibility policies of the company. The details concerning the amount and donees of all the donations and aids in the season as well as the policy changes are shared as a separate agenda item with the partners in the Annual Ordinary General Meeting. The limits of the donations and aids granted by the partnerships within Capital Market regulation are determined by the general assembly. In this sense, the limitations set by the general assembly are considered within related regulations while granting aids or donations.