To Our Costumers

The biggest responsibility of Temapol Inc.’s towards its costumers is to be depicted with “qualified product, superior sales force and effective after-market services” with its costumer’s satisfaction acknowledgement. Our relationship with our costumers does not come to an end after sales operation in any of markets that we are included in. Our costumer’s satisfaction model is standardized and features “Our Total Quality Principle”, making the products in compliance with the costumer right when the work is in its source yet.

To Our Suppliers

As Temapol Inc., our main aim is to produce qualified, innovative, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly productions and in the direction of reaching the target, purchasing plays a strategic role. We wish from our suppliers to work with the same consciousness and we support them in the direction of their efforts.


To the Community

As Temapol Inc., we aim at contributing power to the economy from which we also gain power and in which we ware active. We strongly support each kind of economic, environmental and social contribution that shall bring prosperity to our country.