July 2007        Temapol Polymer Plastic and Construction Industry Trade Limited Company was found..
April 2008 Polymer Plastic plate production was started.
May 2008 First commercial polymer plastic plate sale was made.
June 2010 econd production line was commissioned and production capacity was increased.
September 2011 With third production line investment, thin plate was added in production range.
November 2011 Exports was started.
December 2011 Production area was increased to 5000 m2 close and 5000 m2 open
December 2011 Production was increased 700% in tonnage.
February 2012 Reorganization was finished.
April 2012  Entered in Balkans an Eastern Europe’s sales market and Serbia Sales Representation was found.
December 2012 Transformed in a joint-stock company.
December 2013  Temapol’s shares were offered to public at Borsa İstanbul INC. Developing Business Market.
September 2014 In Kayseri MimarsinanIndustrial Estate, investment of new 30000 m2 factory was launched.
November 2014 As 50% of Center Glass A. Ş. Shares were bought, participation acquisition was carried out.