Basic Strategies


Continuous Excellence Understanding
TemapolInc’s excellence understanding strategy is the way of improving the process that all management and organization departments have and are in charge of. Through Temapol A.Ş’s vision and mission, with the aim of reaching the objectives set in the Strategic Plan, TemapolINC. Continuous Excellence System (Temapol SMS) that is aBusiness Process Management System, has been found. The process, different from traditional businesses, even though the improvements are finished, continue observing results and evaluating , combine ‘continuity’ concept in ‘excellence’ concept, is the basic of Temapol’s culture of continuous excellence strategy.

Industry Leadership Strategy
TemapolInc’s Industry Leadership Strategy is a strategy that following the changes in customer sector trends and innovations at technology and production inputs, applying the changes with an agile understanding and being ready position every moment differentiation in the domestic sector.


Loyal Customer Strategy
TemapolINC. Loyal Customer Strategy is responding our customers will with quality and stability in the frame of the principles of reliability, continuity and respect for stakeholders in every cities and countries it gives service, being next to go with our products and our customers after sales. Through this strategy TemapolINC.evaluates its every customer as strategic business partner one by one. One of the indispensable basics of Temapol culture is figuring out the needs of customers in time, producing special solutions for customer to solve the problems figured out, serving solutions to customer with optimum quality/price information in time so that being able to measure customer satisfaction.