Upper Level Managers


TurgayHASPOLAT (Operation and Production Director)

He was born in 1968, Istanbul. He completed his primary and secondary education in Ankara and Kayseri. He graduated from Turkish Military Academy Mechanical Engineering in 1990. He completed his post-graduation in Selcuk University’s Institute of Social Sciences Management and Organization in 2001. He was on duty in different levels of TKS as middle / senior manager (1990 – 1999), in Armored Forces School as Chairperson of Communications Electronics and Information Systems, teacher, concept writer, Plan and Project Manager (1990 – 1999), and as Project Security Coordinator of OTOKAR Inc. Defense Industry (2010 – 2014). Within these periods, he took charge in education systems’ projects management; periodic improvements form current levels to strategic levels, management and organization projects, and production of defense industry concepts and management of defense industry projects. He still continues his duty in Temapol Inc. Where he attended in 2014 as Operation and Production Director. He knows English.


Özcan SAKA (Sales and Marketing Director)

He was born in 1978, Istanbul. He went to elementary and high school in Istanbul. He graduated from Business Engineering Department, İ.T.U. in 2001. He finished his postgraduate education of International Quality Management at Marmara University, in 2004. He was in charge of Tansaş Store Management (2002), with International Lead Auditor title different enterprises Quality Management Systems Auditory (2005-2006), Quality Management System Consultancy (2005-2006), Mudo Region Management (2007), Mudo Strategic Planning and Business Development Manager (2008), TÜVTÜRK Vehicle Inspection Station Business Development and Customer Experience Management (2008-2014). Currently, he is the sales and marketing director of TemapolINC.where he started to work in February 2014. He knows English and French languages at advanced level.


Dilek KARAGÖZ (Finance Director)

She was born in 1978, Germany. She went to elementary and high school in Kayseri. She graduated from Business Department, Erciyes University, in 2001. Since 2001, she has been working actively in accounting and finance fields. At the same time, she has got Independent Accountants and Financial Advisors to license. She is still maintaining duty of finance director at TemapolINC.where she started to work in 2009. She knows English language.